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Thursday, October 29, 2015

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Learn About the Brand
Evian ®Natural Mineral Water’s journey starts as rain and snow high atop the French Alps after which it filters for over 15 years through glacial rock and sand to a deep underground catchment just outside the town of Evian-Les-Bains, France. The water contained in the spray is tested 300 times per day to insure quality and the consistent unique mineral content—guaranteed to be the same year after year—canister to canister. No other water has the same mineral content.

Evian Facial Spray was originally introduced in France in 1962 at the request of doctors for use on burn patients. It was the first facial water spray in France and was introduced as the first facial spray in the United States in 1978. Because of the current world-wide awareness of the Evian brand name, and the 37 year efforts of the USA exclusive distributor (The Wilkes Group Inc. in Old Lyme, CT), Evian is the only facial spray to be carried by many prestige retail groups including Nordstrom and Sephora. It is also offered in many luxury resorts and hotels such as Four Seasons.

The French Government has extremely stringent standards for approving mineral waters as suitable to drink. Evian Facial Spray is the only mineral water spray in the USA to contain such a water and the only one with a companion drinkable bottled mineral water. Worldwide, the Evian brand can be found now in over 120 countries.

The Wilkes Group was founded in 1976 and has distributed Evian Facial Spray since 1978. The company is focused primarily on prestige distribution at retail and luxury resorts/hotels that buy the product as a room, cabana, or poolside amenity.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

End Stage Renal Failure

This post has been a post I've been dreading to write. I knew I had to write it sooner or later, but I've been sitting on it because it didn't seem real... Until now. On August 13th (the day after my birthday) I got the worst news I've ever received. And maybe I'm being a little dramatic it seems but being told you have End Stage Renal Failure due to your diabetes and that you need a kidney transplant isn't something you ever want to hear. I know my diabetes hasn't always been in the greatest control, but I've always tried. Why me? That's all I keep asking. This isn't fair and life isn't fair. I know other diabetics who are worse off then me and they aren't going thru everything I'm going thru. But I have to suck it up and get thru this, not only for my kids but for myself. 
So let's fast forward a couple months til now. I have seen so many doctors, and even the transplant team. My brother, sister, and cousin are all going to be tested. But in the meantime I have to get a PD cath placed in my stomache next Monday (Nov 2nd). All I keep thinking is this is way too much, way too soon. I'm not ready for all of this, but I have to be.
So here starts my journey with PD. I will try and update my blog as much as possible.
Crossing my fingers all goes well and that someone is a match.
If any of you have any advice or anything please let me know. 

Xoxo Shannon

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Glamulet´s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

A little bit about Glamulet

The Charms brand Glamulet was launched in 2014 to offer to every women a new range of trendy and elegant quality jewelry at an affordable price. We believe that every woman should be allowed to express herself and to feel pretty. We design glamorous Charms and bracelets and we use quality materials to manufacture them. Each woman can mix and match the Charms to create her own Bracelet. Glamulet empowers women by giving them affordable accessories to state their fashion sense, commemorate an event or symbolize a special meaning. Two years after its launch, Glamulet is working hard to spread this vision worldwide and to better the life of every woman.

The Glamulet Company created their line of Pink Limited Edition Charms to support the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. For every set of charms added to your cart, Glamulet donates 50% of the proceeds to a charity organization.

Did you know that Breast Cancer is the 2nd deadliest cause of death for women all around the world?!? They are launching their October Campaign to help make a reality happen. By 2050, no woman should have to die of breast cancer! This is the company´s goal. Lets help make it happen by donating, purchasing, and doing whatever we have to do to help make this a reality! So get involved!

Also did you know that breast cancer is at a tipping point. More women are surviving, but more are being diagnosed than ever before. Also did you know that every 45 minutes, another woman dies from the disease. They´re going to change that! They are going to do whatever it takes, however we can, working tirelessly every day. 

So check out some of their Pink Charms and help with the cause!

I hope all my readers will check out more about the cause and what this is all about! Go HERE to do so!!

**Disclosure: This is a sponsored post powered by Brandbacker

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Walmart has done it again.

I'm just about fed up with shopping at Wal-mart anymore. They have horrible customer service. Maybe not all Wal-mart stores but definetly the one on Commercial Drive in New Hartford, NY. 
So let's talk about what happened this time. I went Christmas shopping for my kids. When I got home I checked my receipt because the bill seemed a little higher then I figured it to be. Well one of my kids DVDs that was in the $5 bin rang up to $7.50. I also bought How to Train Your Dragon 2. It was $14.96. The signs even said it was. Anyways we'll get back to that. I also bought my daughter a black sequined best with a zebra print shirt underneath. I noticed the rang it out twice. So I return to the store (2 days later because I wasn't that worried about it and I figured they still would take care of it). Well I asked the cashier about it and she said yea, just head over to customer service. So I did. It took the lady over half an hour to figure it all out. So the DVD that rang up $7.50 was actually $7.50 but put in the bin (most likely by a customer), so ok that wasn't a big deal. Well the HTTYD2 let's just say that was another story. The lady told me that the one I grabbed was in fact $19.96, but here's the catch, they had two sections of DVDs, both the EXACT SAME DVD but priced different! Nothing was different but the sku numbers. How is that right? I heard that that is not legal to do?? So that right there pissed me off. She said she couldn't reimburse me the little bit of money that was the difference but I could bring the one back that I bought and exchange it for the $14.96 DVD as long as it wasn't opened. So whatever I was like I'll just take the loss. But here is the icing on the cake. The lady told me she called security to have them check the video tapes and they are saying I in fact bought a second vest but in green and the cashier just rang the black on up twice! I was like Wtf and beyond livid at that point. She wouldn't let me see the tapes but insisted I bought a second. I tried telling her I would NEVER buy my daughter a green one because she wouldn't wear it. They were ugly! After all the arguing I did with her I walked out pissed. I told my fiancĂ© he can go back and request a manager because this wasn't the first time they treated us like sh*t!! 
So I am pretty much done shopping there. They are so not customer oriented and I just can't take it no more!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why I Love Influenster!

Let me tell you a little bit about #Influenster. What you do is fill out your profile and link all your social media accounts. Then #Influenster gives you a score based on that to let you know how influential you are to your friends, followers, fans, etc. You also unlock badges by completing tasks. Then from all that #Influenster will determine what campaigns you're a good fit for. It's pretty simple. What I love most about #Influenster is knowing that my opinions matter for something. Sure the free products to review when you qualify and get a box are great perks of joining but that's not my number one reason for joining. I like being part of something where we all give our honest opinions and reviews for different products. You can pretty much review any product out there or ask a question about a product you know nothing about and have people help you. #Influenster is more like a family then anything else. Our opinions an reviews help out. We help each other out. We matter. Our opinions matter. That's what it's all about! It's something great to be a part of! So if you'd like to join (if you're not already a member) then let me know! I can send you an invite.
Go ahead a check Influenster out at, on Facebook (Influenster), or Twitter: @Influenster or @InfluensterVox . Also check out the #InfluensterApp.  You won't be disappointed. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Walmart Nightmare Finally Comes to an End

Well if anyone has been following my posts about my worst Walmart trip ever, it has finally come to an end. After going back and forth with Walmart and their claims department, a very kind woman named Joan was able to help me out. She apologized numerous times for the way customer service at Walmart acted and treated us. She also had me go get an estimate for the rug in my van and she printed me out a check for $ 1,360! That's how much it's going to replace the rug plus tax and labor. So this nightmare finally came to an end Friday with the best conclusion possible. I'm very grateful there's still decent people in the world and she took responsibility for her companies wrong doings.