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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Walmart has done it again.

I'm just about fed up with shopping at Wal-mart anymore. They have horrible customer service. Maybe not all Wal-mart stores but definetly the one on Commercial Drive in New Hartford, NY. 
So let's talk about what happened this time. I went Christmas shopping for my kids. When I got home I checked my receipt because the bill seemed a little higher then I figured it to be. Well one of my kids DVDs that was in the $5 bin rang up to $7.50. I also bought How to Train Your Dragon 2. It was $14.96. The signs even said it was. Anyways we'll get back to that. I also bought my daughter a black sequined best with a zebra print shirt underneath. I noticed the rang it out twice. So I return to the store (2 days later because I wasn't that worried about it and I figured they still would take care of it). Well I asked the cashier about it and she said yea, just head over to customer service. So I did. It took the lady over half an hour to figure it all out. So the DVD that rang up $7.50 was actually $7.50 but put in the bin (most likely by a customer), so ok that wasn't a big deal. Well the HTTYD2 let's just say that was another story. The lady told me that the one I grabbed was in fact $19.96, but here's the catch, they had two sections of DVDs, both the EXACT SAME DVD but priced different! Nothing was different but the sku numbers. How is that right? I heard that that is not legal to do?? So that right there pissed me off. She said she couldn't reimburse me the little bit of money that was the difference but I could bring the one back that I bought and exchange it for the $14.96 DVD as long as it wasn't opened. So whatever I was like I'll just take the loss. But here is the icing on the cake. The lady told me she called security to have them check the video tapes and they are saying I in fact bought a second vest but in green and the cashier just rang the black on up twice! I was like Wtf and beyond livid at that point. She wouldn't let me see the tapes but insisted I bought a second. I tried telling her I would NEVER buy my daughter a green one because she wouldn't wear it. They were ugly! After all the arguing I did with her I walked out pissed. I told my fiancĂ© he can go back and request a manager because this wasn't the first time they treated us like sh*t!! 
So I am pretty much done shopping there. They are so not customer oriented and I just can't take it no more!!!

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