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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Is it too much to ask for???

Sitting here in my room all alone cleaning. Now let me just remind you I do have a fiancé who sleeps in the same room and half this sh*t is his. I understand he works all week and usually only gets one day off, if that. His boss has him scheduled for over 45 hours a week and calls him all the time to come in if anyone else calls in. Sometimes he works over 12 hrs a day!! I understand yes he's tired, but I'm tired too. I can't go to bed til our 3 kids are sleeping, and I have to wake up by 645 to get our daughter of to school and usually our 3 yr old wakes up by then. I take care of 3 other kids after school that are not even ours. I cook and I clean up after everyone. So anyways yesterday since he had to work he said that he'd help me clean all day today because it was his day off... But what happens like always?? He wakes up late and then plays on his phone half the day.. Then he helps out with like one thing but keeps disappearing every two seconds. So I keek asking for help with our room an of course he can't do that. I'm stuck doing it alone like always. It pisses me off I do everything myself. His friends and co workers always come first. They call, he runs... I'm just getting sick of it. Am I over reacting??? Am I being selfish? Should I just suck it up and do everything myself always?? Tell me what you think. 

Xoxo Shannon

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