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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Walmart has done it again.

I'm just about fed up with shopping at Wal-mart anymore. They have horrible customer service. Maybe not all Wal-mart stores but definetly the one on Commercial Drive in New Hartford, NY. 
So let's talk about what happened this time. I went Christmas shopping for my kids. When I got home I checked my receipt because the bill seemed a little higher then I figured it to be. Well one of my kids DVDs that was in the $5 bin rang up to $7.50. I also bought How to Train Your Dragon 2. It was $14.96. The signs even said it was. Anyways we'll get back to that. I also bought my daughter a black sequined best with a zebra print shirt underneath. I noticed the rang it out twice. So I return to the store (2 days later because I wasn't that worried about it and I figured they still would take care of it). Well I asked the cashier about it and she said yea, just head over to customer service. So I did. It took the lady over half an hour to figure it all out. So the DVD that rang up $7.50 was actually $7.50 but put in the bin (most likely by a customer), so ok that wasn't a big deal. Well the HTTYD2 let's just say that was another story. The lady told me that the one I grabbed was in fact $19.96, but here's the catch, they had two sections of DVDs, both the EXACT SAME DVD but priced different! Nothing was different but the sku numbers. How is that right? I heard that that is not legal to do?? So that right there pissed me off. She said she couldn't reimburse me the little bit of money that was the difference but I could bring the one back that I bought and exchange it for the $14.96 DVD as long as it wasn't opened. So whatever I was like I'll just take the loss. But here is the icing on the cake. The lady told me she called security to have them check the video tapes and they are saying I in fact bought a second vest but in green and the cashier just rang the black on up twice! I was like Wtf and beyond livid at that point. She wouldn't let me see the tapes but insisted I bought a second. I tried telling her I would NEVER buy my daughter a green one because she wouldn't wear it. They were ugly! After all the arguing I did with her I walked out pissed. I told my fiancé he can go back and request a manager because this wasn't the first time they treated us like sh*t!! 
So I am pretty much done shopping there. They are so not customer oriented and I just can't take it no more!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why I Love Influenster!

Let me tell you a little bit about #Influenster. What you do is fill out your profile and link all your social media accounts. Then #Influenster gives you a score based on that to let you know how influential you are to your friends, followers, fans, etc. You also unlock badges by completing tasks. Then from all that #Influenster will determine what campaigns you're a good fit for. It's pretty simple. What I love most about #Influenster is knowing that my opinions matter for something. Sure the free products to review when you qualify and get a box are great perks of joining but that's not my number one reason for joining. I like being part of something where we all give our honest opinions and reviews for different products. You can pretty much review any product out there or ask a question about a product you know nothing about and have people help you. #Influenster is more like a family then anything else. Our opinions an reviews help out. We help each other out. We matter. Our opinions matter. That's what it's all about! It's something great to be a part of! So if you'd like to join (if you're not already a member) then let me know! I can send you an invite.
Go ahead a check Influenster out at, on Facebook (Influenster), or Twitter: @Influenster or @InfluensterVox . Also check out the #InfluensterApp.  You won't be disappointed. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Walmart Nightmare Finally Comes to an End

Well if anyone has been following my posts about my worst Walmart trip ever, it has finally come to an end. After going back and forth with Walmart and their claims department, a very kind woman named Joan was able to help me out. She apologized numerous times for the way customer service at Walmart acted and treated us. She also had me go get an estimate for the rug in my van and she printed me out a check for $ 1,360! That's how much it's going to replace the rug plus tax and labor. So this nightmare finally came to an end Friday with the best conclusion possible. I'm very grateful there's still decent people in the world and she took responsibility for her companies wrong doings. 


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A little bit more about my Walmart experience

Well we have been going back and fourth with Walmart, their claims department, Walmart Corporate, etc. Well corporate is pretty pissed off with Walmart itself and the way they handled the situation. I mean what customer service looks at you and says "well you left the store so there's nothing we can do about it!" Umm how were we supposed to know the bottle was open and was going to leak all over my seats and my floor of my van. I will have to take pictures to show everyone. I'm still pretty pissed about the whole situation. I hope they figure this out soon! I'll keep everyone updated because as of right now we are waiting on the claims department to call us back. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Makeup of the Day #MOTD

So here is my #MOTD. I am going to try and post at least one look a day. Hopefully I can keep up with it. I am pretty bad at posting everyday right now. But anyways here is what I have on and it's pretty simple

Lips: N.Y.C. Lip plumping Big Bold Lipgloss in Coral to the Max. Love this. It goes on nice and smooth and has a bright bold color.

Eyes: Julep Maven Gel Eye Glider in blackest black (my favorite eyeliner at the moment), and Loreal Paris Lash Out Butterfly Mascara in Black/Noir. It makes my lashes look huge! 

You can buy everything but the Julep Gel Glider at Walmart. If you're not a Julep Maven yet I have a link up on my blog that you can click and join!

Have a great day

Monday, October 6, 2014

Our Worst Walmart Experience to Date

So last night after our daughters game (she's a cheerleader, but that's a post for another time), we had to run to Walmart for a few things. We picked up laundry detergent, bleach, a frozen pizza, hot dogs, a movie, 2 energy drinks, powdered freshener for the rug, and scrubbers for the toilet. Well when we were done we checked out and went to the car. My fiancé placed all the bags on our back seat thinking nothing of it at the time. We all got in the car and went home. We get home and my fiancé goes to get the bags out of the car and notices the back seat is soaked and the one bag is wet. Well it was the bag with the bleach. The bleach was apparently opened and leaked on everything, including my backseat of my van!! Now I'm pissed. So I tell him, well we are returning it and letting them know they need to do something about it because this is not our fault! They lady even put everythjng in one bag, except for the pizza and hot dogs. So everything in the bag was destroyed! So we get back in the car and head back to Walmart. We get there and my fiancé goes back in with the bag and explains everything to customer service. They replaced everything in the bag, but then told him since we left the store there's nothing they could do about my van and handed him a ten dollar gift card and sent him on his way. Well let's just say we went home an called corporate! This is not the end of this. I shouldn't be held accountable for something that is not my fault. My van is bleached and smells horrible. You can't use my back seat as of right now. I guess we will have to wait and see what corporate says.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Graze Box Review

I subscribe to a snack box company called Graze Box. I get my boxes every two weeks. I believe you can get them monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly. Bi-weekly is my favorite. It's $6/box and my First and Fifth boxes were free. I've been a subscriber for a few months now. I just wanted to share with you what I received in my box this past week. 
First snack was banana caramel dippers. I actually love these. They are like a banana flavored cookie and you dip them in the caramel sauce. This is such a great pair. The two tastes are great together! I would've never thought of something like this on my own but I do love. This is actually the second time I received this in a box. So yummy!!
My second snack was cracking black pepper cashews. And yes I loved these too!! I really love cashews. They black pepper taste was a great touch of flavor. It wasn't too much. I need to order a bunch of these if I can. I'll have to look into that.
The third snack was called key lime pie. I didn't care for this at all. I don't really like lime. Now if it was lemon I probably would've loved it but lime not so much. I tried it but just couldn't bring myself to eat the whole thing. I tried giving it to my 3 year old and he wasn't having it either. Lol
My fourth and final snack was herby bread basket. It was a bunch of little crouton like snacks. They were yummy. Something I would eat again. I could eat them plain or add them to a salad. They had a subtle herbal taste to them.
I think this box is worth the 6$ an perfect for snackers. I like to take snacks from these boxes and keep some in my purse or car. They come in handy. You can also go on their website when you order boxes and help influence your box and what you want to try and taste. 

So give it a try!!

Logan Put A Screwdriver Thru His Foot

Yes you did read the title of my blog post right. My 3 year old, Logan, put a screwdriver thru his foot a couple weeks ago. That was one of the scariest things I've witnessed, that he has done yet. 
So we had just got back from a long, fun day at the beach. My fiancé, his friend, and I were unpacking the car and I had sent our 14 year old daughter, my 10 year old cousin, and our 3 year old son out back to play until we were done and then I would start dinner. Well maybe ten minutes later I hear my son screaming and my daughter saying that he's bleeding and my fiances friend saying it's pretty bad. She gets him up to our front porch an we clean him up to look at it but the blood wasn't stopping. His foot just kept bleeding. So I of course start to panic. I asked how did this happen. From what was explained to me he had found one of his fathers flat head screw drivers and stabbed the ground and when his sister seen him do that she ran from across the yard to get it from him but she was too late because he picked it up and second time and stabbed his foot instead of the ground. Well I sent the girls over to my moms and to the emergency room we went. My poor baby was freaking out and crying. We couldn't calm him down or nothing. They initially wanted to look at his foot when checking him in so we did that and that's when we found out that he had put the screw driver all the way thru his foot and pulled it back out. So he had an open wound on the top and and the bottom. Well they did x rays and focus out he missed everything in his foot. He was very lucky. It took four of us holding him down for the Dr to put three stitches in the top of his foot. They didn't put any in the bottom because they wanted the foot to drain any infection if it were to get one. 
Well we went back a week later to get the stitches out. Two had fallen out on their own. He was very brave about letting them get the last one out. His foot healed really well. They said if it reopened or turns really red to come back. It's been about a month now and it's been doing really well. 
I must say he is now afraid of that screw driver. He knows better then to pick it up now. But boys will be boys. This was his first real injury and first time getting stitches but I'm pretty sure this won't be his last. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Is it too much to ask for???

Sitting here in my room all alone cleaning. Now let me just remind you I do have a fiancé who sleeps in the same room and half this sh*t is his. I understand he works all week and usually only gets one day off, if that. His boss has him scheduled for over 45 hours a week and calls him all the time to come in if anyone else calls in. Sometimes he works over 12 hrs a day!! I understand yes he's tired, but I'm tired too. I can't go to bed til our 3 kids are sleeping, and I have to wake up by 645 to get our daughter of to school and usually our 3 yr old wakes up by then. I take care of 3 other kids after school that are not even ours. I cook and I clean up after everyone. So anyways yesterday since he had to work he said that he'd help me clean all day today because it was his day off... But what happens like always?? He wakes up late and then plays on his phone half the day.. Then he helps out with like one thing but keeps disappearing every two seconds. So I keek asking for help with our room an of course he can't do that. I'm stuck doing it alone like always. It pisses me off I do everything myself. His friends and co workers always come first. They call, he runs... I'm just getting sick of it. Am I over reacting??? Am I being selfish? Should I just suck it up and do everything myself always?? Tell me what you think. 

Xoxo Shannon

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Organizing my Blog

So I've come to the conclusion that my blog is no where near organized and is just kind of all over the place. Once I have my internet back up and running this coming week I really need to sit down and get it together!!! I want to be able to have different columns... Like recipes, favorite and least favorite makeup, reviews, advice, etc. I know this is going to be a long process because I have no idea where to start. Any advice is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just a random post about me on this random Thursday

So I don't have an exciting title for this post. Honestly I don't even know how many people actually read my posts or follow my blog, if any. I don't know how interesting I actually am either. What I do know is that I am a normal 29yr old, mom of 3 who likes to blog and I love makeup and trying new products. I also love subscription boxes. It's always a fun surprise to have in your mailbox every month. I love doing reviews for companies but not all my posts are review related. I like to blog about everything and anything and I try to blog as much as everyone else but that proves to be a big task for me. I have my youngest home with me all day, everyday. Then I have my neice here too. They butt heads more then they get along. She's a big crier and that just takes a toll on anyone. Then by after school my two oldest are home along with two of their cousins. I find it exhausting everyday to just do normal things any person would do. I'm diabetic and have diabetic neuropathy, an under active thyroid (which makes me more tired then normal), my legs are always swollen and water pills don't help... I mean I am by no means looking for pity, I'm just saying that I just don't get to post as often as I like and I'm pretty sure I'm not half as interesting a some of these blogs (if not all of them) that I follow. So that's basically my post for today. Thanks for reading if you did!

Xoxox Shannon

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

I just wanted to stop and take the time today to wish every mother out there a Happy Mothers Day. I hope no matter where you are or what you did, you had a great day! I know I had a wonderful day just spending time with my 3 kids today. My 8 year old had his first soccer game of the season today an he played a great game! Now we are just finishing up dinner and getting ready for bed since there is school tomorrow and my oldest has a busy day tomorrow... 
I also have a busy day tomorrow with two back to back appointments.
So for now I will clean up and then wait til my hubby gets out of work so we can just relax. 
I'm also waiting the arrival of my mother. She is on her way home from Florida. I can't wait. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014


So I know I haven't been on my blog in awhile. We've had family members move in and out of our house like crazy, like we are some boarding house or something. Yet I would never turn away a family me never in need. It is nice to have our house back to ourselves now. Now all we have to do is clean it. Really good spring cleaning going on here. We've also had to travel to Massachusettes for cheer competition, only to come in last place because of stupid disqualifications. I've been sick the past two weeks because my niece that I watch came here sick and it made my blood sugar go haywire and made me really sick. Then today we had to put our daughter on a PINS petition. Which was a hard decision to make but it's something that has to be done. So yea there are many other things I can ramble on about but let's get into my upcoming reviews. I have some new subscription boxes I will be reviewing an blogging about on here, I also have other products like razors, Special K Coffee drinks, Oatmeal, and a few other things I want and need to review. Also I was chosen for the Sargento Vox Box. Yummy! So be on the lookout for some new posts from me in the next few days to couple of weeks!!! 

Have a great day!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Fire Safety

I have been going back and forth in my head about how I was going to write this post. I have been over it time and time again. The day after Valentine's Day, my oldest son and his father's family lost two little boys to a fire. The boys were my son's cousins, his father's nephew's, and his father's niece's sons. His father's niece also lost her sister, which was her best friend, in that fire. The house was a total loss too. The people who made it out was the grandmother (the owner), the niece's boyfriend, the niece's nephew, and the niece's one month old son. Her 7 year old and 3 year old passed away due to smoke inhalation. It's such a tragic thing. My son's father's niece said the boys were right behind her on the way out the door but when she got out they had turned around and went back to their room and they were found under their bed. So please everyone, talk to your children about fire safety. I know fires are scary but they need to know an escape plan and route to help save their lives. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


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My 2 year old has a problem with sharing... EVERYTHING

So my sister in law and her two girls are staying with us til she moves into her new apartment next week and it's a huge change for my two year old son. He has issues with sharing just about everything. He has an older brother and sister, but he is not used to having a baby around his age that he has to get along with full time and have to share his "things" with. I am having to constantly tell him to share, and be nice. I am going crazy. I don't know what to do. He's never acted this way before. When I watch her during the day with my son, he freaks out if I have to hold her or anything. He's always screaming, "that's my mommy." I keep telling him, yes I am your mommy, but I am her aunt and she needs attention too. He also hates sharing his toys, but has no problem taking hers. He will hit her, or push her down. It just upsets me to see him act this way. I don't want him to be like this. Especially when he starts pre-k. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to let me know. Thanks so much!!