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Friday, December 27, 2013

A small look back into my year 2013

I think with this year coming to a close(thank god) and a new one about to start, I am going to make it my New Years Resolution to actually keep up with my blog in 2014. I really didn't do much writing in 2013. So much went on that I wished I blogged about and then again I didn't know how to or if I even wanted to. We''ve had our ups and our downs in our house like every family does, but maybe more then some should have to deal with. A few weeks back my fiancee's brother was staying here and he swore up and down since he was out of prison and on parolle he was doing so much better and that he would never go back and blah blah blah.. Well where is he today?? Back in jail. We had to call his PO. He stole from us. And not only us but my 13 year old daughter and 8 year old son. And right before Christmas. He swears up and down he didn't but when the cops called us and told us they got a hit off the serial numbers for my daughters 3DS XL well we all knew he took it. Taking from my fiancee or me is one thing but to take from our kids is another. Now the kids have no DS's and half their games are missing. Its really heartbreaking! Then after he leaves our house my fiancee's uncle moves in. This is only supposed to be temporary but who knows. I am going crazy already. No privacy, nothing. Also he acts like he owns my house or something! Rearranging things the way he wants them, doing what he wants, doing my laundry(and I separate my clothes and towels and what not. He doesn't #annoying), etc. I came home from a promo today to find half my Christmas decorations down and now they are all down!!! I'm pissed. He had no right. Nothing. I always wait til the New Year. I know it sounds like a lot of bitching but it really sets me off. You have to understand I have severe anxiety and depression and not to mention bi-polar disorder. So it takes a lot for me to not say a word. I don't like causing trouble and I don't want to start a fight. I know this is my fiances Uncle who raised him, but come on, what about me and my feelings about all this? My fiance is getting fed up too but we can't just kick him out. We honestly would never do that.
So anyways looking back on this year it wasn't all bad. We did take our kids on a mini summer vacation to Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York City. They loved it. We did so much in less then a week! We went to Hershey Factory, Crayola Factory, Camping, a family reunion, Atlantic City, Johnny Rockets(we highly recommend the place as a family) Jersey Shore, the boardwalk, Central Park, etc etc. It was fun and we got to know some of our family that we haven't really known before!
Then yesterday was another bad/sad day. My grandfather on my mother's side passed away at a nursing home. He had Alzheimer's and Dementia. Its sad he has passed but he is also released from the everyday pain he was going thru. I love him and will miss him dearly.
So this concludes just a tiny look back into my year. Now I can only go forward with hopes of a better tomorrow.
Here's to good friends and family, and hoping for all the best!

Happy New Years.

2014 Here we come! Bring it on because I am ready.

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