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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Garnier Fructis #HydraRecharge

I am in love love love with Garnier Fructis' new #HydraRecharge hair care system. I honestly use it everyday. I was so excited to be invited into this campaign by BzzAgent because I love Garnier Fructis and I wanted to try this line anyways. As soon as I got it I took a photo then opened it right up and headed up to my shower. It smells great, just like all of their other products, but the coolest thing about this product is that the shampoo has little blue moisture beads inside it. I love how they feel on my scalp while I am washing my hair. OMG it's amazing!!! So invigorating. It's a must try if you have not already.
I used the shampoo, the conditioner and the deep conditioner (conditioning mask) all in that order, all in the same shower. After my hair was washed and conditioned and I was out of the shower, my hair felt silky smooth and replenished. It honestly felt a lot better then it has in a long time. I let my hair air dry, but I still straightened it as usual. It still had that silky smooth feeling. 
I am so glad I found somehthing that helps "recharge" my hair and brings it back to life. No more dry, dull looking hair for me. I am sticking to Garnier Fructis #HydraRecharge and keeping my hair full of life. 

You can buy this line for about 2.96 a piece at Walmart. 

**Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge from BzzAgent for being a BzzAgent. All opinions are my own

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