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Thursday, March 7, 2013

One Mad Momma

I just found out from my 7 yr old son and my 12 yr old daughter that certain things happened in school today. When things like this happen I thought I was supposed to get a call from the school. No instead they tell me kids "we will handle it tomorrow" and then send them on their way.
Lets start off with my daughter since what happened to her happened when she was dropped off. After my fiance dropped her and my son off at school and he watched them walk in (she walks him to his class since he's only 7), she came back outside to hang out with her friends. Well this mother of a second grader walked down onto their playground to walk her son into school. Instead of saying excuse me or going around my daughter and her friends she pushed my daughter out of the way and said "move out of my f***ing way you @$$****." Right there I would think something would have been done by the school monitors. Well nope. After she walked her kid into school she came back out, got in her car, opened the door, proceeded to tell the girls they were a bunch of little b****es and gave them the middle finger. The girls then told a school monitor (who by the way should've been paying attention in the first place because parents are not allowed on the playground or in the school during school hours) and she told them she will tell her boss and it will be handled tomorrow. SO apprently they are going to be waiting for this lovely "mother" tomorrow on the playground to talk to her. I am highly upset because that is assault and she is an adult. I am also upset at the fact that no one bothered to call and tell us any of this went on today. I think parents deserve to know something like this. Don't you???
Now let's move onto my son being bullied today. Great luck they are having, right?? This morning this little boy who is in my son's second grade class came up to him and told him that his mother needed to talk to him afterschool about toys. Now the boys are friends. They also have religion class together. I don't know what was going on in school today with the two of them, but I will be calling tomorrow to find out. Afterschool this little boy pulled my son by his arms and coat and tried forcing him to go see his "mom." The only thing is, is that his grandma picks him up everyday, not his mom. I don't know what the boy wanted or what was going on. My son kept telling him no and to leave him alone and nothing was done about it. Thank god my fiance was waiting right there for him. I don't need these problems with the school. The kids go to a good school in a good district. I have no idea what has been going on lately but I will be calling first thing tomorrow morning and finding out. 

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