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Monday, February 18, 2013

Stuck in the Hospital

Well I've been stuck in the hospital since last Friday. I went to the doctor for them to check on the swelling in my legs and they did bloodwork and next thing I know I get a call to come here and I haven't been able to go home since. This has been a real inconvience since I have reviews to do and kids to take care of. It's their mid winter recess this week. I am a diabetic and my blood sugar has always been up and down no matter what. Well Friday it was sky high and they are thinking it could've been due to me taking ny insulin in my leg and my leg being swollen. But since I've been here its still been up and down. I've had better control of it at home then they have had here. I really need to get home to my kids. My hubby works all week long and I hate asking my sister to watch the kids because she is already babysitting another little girl. I am so bored and just want to get home to my kids. I feel like I can take care of myself better at home and me being here is a waste of hospital care when someone else could use this bed and the care. I'll keep everyone posted.

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