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Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Year... New blogs...

Ok so now it's the new year and one of my resolutions is to blog more. I think now that my fiance finally found a job and my youngest is turning 2 soon, I will have more time to actually sit down and blog. I love to blog and it's been hard actually getting time to sit down and do it, but I think now that things are looking up for us I can have more time to blog. 

Somethings I will be blogging about are my kids definitely, more reviews on products, my day, my life, and whatever else I feel like writing about. :) I like to keep a variety of things on here and not label myself to one thing. I like to try and keep things interesting. For instance, anyone who is following me, if you have kids, when did you know it was time to transition your little one from a crib to a toddler bed?? My son is 1 but turning 2 on April 1st and we just switched him into a toddler bed. He was climbing out of the crib almost every night, and it was on the lowest setting it could be on. So I knew it was time. I was afraid that if I left it a crib he would end up getting hurt one night w/o one of us knowing. Another thing, when did you start potty training?? We are starting now because he tells us he has to pee or whatever, but he won't sit on the potty chair! He acts like he is scared of his little potty when he has no pants on but will sit there like its a regular chair if he has pants on! Any suggestions to help us out??? Anything you tried?? He is definitely ready for it. :)

Also I have two other kids I like to blog about. I have a 7 year old son, and a 12 year old daughter (who is my step daughter but I love her like my own, & she even asked for me to adopt her.) She lives full time with us and never sees her own mother because she abandoned her. :( Has anyone gone through anything like this and wanted to adopt their step child? We are trying to figure out how to go about doing it? I heard if the other parent hasn't seen their child in over 6 months (its been over 6 years!!) that the adoption process will go quickly because she hasn't seen her making her have no rights at al. I don't know how true that is but I am just trying to find out.

Another you might like to know about me is I HATE DRAMA! My fiances family loves it and loves to create it. So from time to time I will blog about it only to blow off some steam. Some of them think that they are the greatest thing in the world, that they can do whatever and say whatever and nothing will be done. We all know how karma is so...

Well I hope you took some time today to read this little random to say the least, blog. Thank you.

Any thoughts? Questions?

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Have a Great Saturday everyone!!


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