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Monday, January 28, 2013

Just another Monday

It's only 8:30am here and the kids are all up & ready for school. Of course the older two have the baby screaming at them already. My 1 year old has a temper on him. Right now he is yelling at his 7 year old brother "Thee." That's what he calls him. His name is Anthony. Logan is my youngest and he is hilarious and very outgoing. He has a wild personality. My boys are so different from each other. Anthony as a baby, barely cried, was always calm and kinda quiet. Logan is a tornado here. LoL I love them both so much. Then we have their 12 year old sister. She is very outgoing, loud, an very helpful. They all have their own unique personalities and sometimes they clash. Like this morning. Anthony wants to do one thing, like right now he said he wants to do a "cooking class" with play-doh, and Jenna is egging him on.. They want to be Logan's "teacher.." and homeschool him. They are planning all this stuff out while Logan pays no attention to them. He could care less. Pretty soon he will start yelling at them and controlling the situation like every other time. :) Haha Got to love it. Well the kids are almost ready for school so it's time to go. 


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