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Monday, October 8, 2012

Really late review post for KLUTCH Club Box

I was kindly given the chance to review a KLUTCHclub box a few months back. (Yes I did say a few months back, because I am so late at posting this because of so much I had going on at the time with my step-father passing away and then his sister passing away, but besides that let's get back on track)

So KLUTCHclub gave me a chance to review one of their boxes a few months back. I must say they were a very great company to deal with. Great customer service!

So in a KLUTCHclub box you will receive over $50 worth of some of the greatest healthy products and services. All that is available for $18 a box per month!! Such a great deal. Here is how KLUTCHclub works:

(Picture taken right from their website)

So I received a May KLUTCHclub box. Here is what was in it:

  • Hydroxatone’s Instant Effect 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer will help your skin look radiant even after sun exposure.  This is THE product for all those pictures you’ll take to capture summer memories.  Forget Botox and try this one-of-a-kind $70 serum risk-free!
  • ONE coconut water will help you miraculously replenish electrolytes after those hot, summer workouts!   And you already know why everyone is going Coco for Coconut water!
  • Moving Comfort sports bras will keep you well-supported this summer during all of your athletic adventures.  Share the KLUTCH and give one of your gift cards to a friend.
  • Yoga Download classes make working out at your home, office or hotel room easy — perfect when you’re too busy or traveling this summer and can’t get to a yoga studio.
  • Think Thin bars help you snack intelligently, giving you a good source of portable protein and no refined sugar.  Try two different flavors to see which one you like best.
  • A KLUTCHclub water bottle will help you stay hydrated this summer — sure to become your new buddy for bike rides, hikes, or any other outdoor activities you’ve got planned for those dog days.
I used the hydroxatone's Instant Effect 90 Second wrinkle reducer under my eyes. At the age of 27, I feel that I never sleep and that I am starting to get wrinkle's under my eyes. The serum was gentle on my sensitive skin and it seemed to work pretty well under the eyes.

While going thru the box I noticed that there was ONE coconut water in there. I have never had coconut water before and was very skeptical about trying it out. I wanted to save that one for last. LOL I did eventually make my way to it. I must say I have been missing out all this time. I love water and the coconut water was amazing. I honestly don't know why I have never tried it before. I bring it with me while working out all the time now. 

In my box was also a giftcard to put towards a sports bra. One for me and one for one of my friends. I do have to say I regret not being able to use it, but my friend said she did get the chance to order a sports bra for when she goes running, and that these are some of the best sports bras ever made. Keeps everything in place like it should. ;-)

The Yoga Downloadable classes were perfect for when you don't want to leave your house and go to a yoga class elsewhere. Very easy to download and use with ease. Great workout, especially when you can do it alone in your own home.

Next was the Think thin bars. Very delicious. I had to buy a whole box of them. They are some of the best protein bars I have ever tried. I couldn't decide which flavor I liked best. These are also great for diabetics like me because there is no refined sugar in them. 

Last but not least a KLUTCHclub water bottle to carry around your "coconut water" (or just about anything) in. It's portable and comes in handy.

So after reviewing the KLUTCHclub May box, I must say this is one of the subscription boxes you will want coming to your house monthly. Head on over to and order your monthly box. Did you know that the have seperate boxes for men and women?? How great is that?

Remember over $50 worth of products for only $18 a month.

NOTE: I was given a KLUTCHclub box for free to test out and review. All opinions are my own. Pictures are taken from the KLUTCHclub website so I could show you how a box works, and what was in my May Box. 

Thank you

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