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Sunday, October 28, 2012


As the new week approaches us so does Hurricane Sandy also known as Frankenstorm. I live in Upstate NY where we normally have crazy weather. I think the might be the craziest weather heading towards us in a long time. I am used to the weather going from hot to cold and back to hot again. From snow to rain, to sleet, to it being warm and everything melting again. I can honestly say in all the years I have been alive I don't ever remember anyone telling us to prepare for a hurricane. I can prepare my self for a snow storm, but for a hurricane?? I am used to heavy rains and winds at times but nothing like this. I don't know how people do it every year during hurricane season. I give people a lot of props for that. 
They are starting to close down schools around our city. None of ours have been cancelled as of yet. I am also guessing if it really does get as bad as they think, Halloween will be cancelled (or hopefully rescheduled?) Has this ever happened to anyone else? I know my kids would be devestated but at least they would be safe at home. 
I am reading all these news articles about how the stores are running out of bread and bottled water. I am hoping everyone has enough, plus candles, batteries, handheld can opener, etc etc. Some people prepare, but don't remember some of the things they really need. I have 3 younger children (1,7, and 12 so ok not sooo much younger but still) and I need alot for them. If we were to lose power we lose the meat and milk in my fridge. My son drinks a lot of milk, it would get warm, but also we would have no way of heating it. I am just thinking of all the different situations we could be put in and I don't think you could ever really prepare to the fullest.
I am sorry if I just rambled on in this post. I am just a nervous mommy over here. Hoping everyone will be ok and have what they need.

So everyone please be safe if you are in the path of Frankenstorm!

Hope everyone is well. 

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