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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The maid...

Lately around my house I feel like the maid. I clean and clean and get no appreciation for what I do. I will clean up one room, and think "yay one down, the rest of the house to go," and then try and start on another room, turn around and see someone has messed up what I started and I am back at square one. My kids are 1, 7, and 12. I would think the 12 yr old would be of a bigger help then anyone, but sometimes she seems to not do anything at all but make a mess and think I am going to come along and clean up after her. She seems to not care that it was cleaned before and then she makes a mess and leaves it. My one year old is always making huge messes, but he's my baby. I can't stop that. It's in baby's nature just to do it. My 7 year old does pretty good with helping me clean up, but I heard from his dad he throws a fit when it's time to clean up there. I just wish they would all help out once in awhile. I try and think of ways to make cleaning fun (even though I know there's not much fun in it for kids) but nothing seems to work. Also it seems like when my fiance trys to help me clean, he only helps for 2 seconds, and then I'm like you got this?, He says yea, so I go to take a break and then so does he. What gives????

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