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Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Birthday!!!

So my birthday was yesterday, (it just ended a half hour ago) and I had a great day. I love spending time with my family! It was great because my oldest son came home from his dad's early to spend the day with me. My cousin DeVan came to visit, which isn't often anymore because his mom doesn't really allow him over. My 3 kids were all here and being really good for once. I got my nails done with my mom and sister. We had dinner and cake at my mom's for my brother's and my birthday. (He is 10 years younger, born on the 11th and me on the 12th). & my hubby treated me like a princess (which is pretty normal anyways. LoL)
So I just wanted to say it was an all around great day. I wanted to thank everyone who made it so great, and all my friends and family for wishing me a happy birthday!

My nails:

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