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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Logan's First Camping Trip

This past weekend (08/17-08/20) we took our three kids camping at Verona Beach State Park, Verona Beach NY. We had a lot of fun. I have never been camping at this place before so when my aunt asked if we wanted to go with her we were all for it. It turned out to be a beautiful campground. It has a park, and a store right on the campgrounds. We were also not far from the lake. The kids used their imagination's and went on a "treasure hunt" to find One Eye Willy's burried treasure, they went swimming, played in sand, had campfires, told stories, played games, etc etc.

This camping trip was special because not only was it our first as a family alone, it was Logan's first camping trip ever. He is only 1 but he had so much fun. He loved being in the water. It was hard to get him out of it. He also loved rolling around in the sand. It was hilarious. 

All in all it was a good trip. We had some quiet time with the kids, away from everything else. We did come home Saturday for a few hours to have a birthday party for the two oldest. But we went right back to camp that night and enjoyed our time together. 

If you are ever looking for a place to camp in Upstate NY, check out Verona Park State Beach as one of your options. 

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