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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Peeps Deal of the Day (& you could win)

All you have to do is follow @Peepsandcompany on Twitter and retweet the deal of the day to have your chance at winning today.

LORAC Cosmetics Giveaway at Mommy and Me Giveaways

Head on over HERE and enter the LORAC Cosmetics TANtalizer Giveaway and read her review. This make-up is gorgeous. I especially love the eyeshadows. She shows you how beautiful the make-up looks when you have it on. So go read her great review and enter the giveaway.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Free Flag Pin

Go HERE now ad request your free U.S-Israel Flag pin. Support the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

Logan's First Camping Trip

This past weekend (08/17-08/20) we took our three kids camping at Verona Beach State Park, Verona Beach NY. We had a lot of fun. I have never been camping at this place before so when my aunt asked if we wanted to go with her we were all for it. It turned out to be a beautiful campground. It has a park, and a store right on the campgrounds. We were also not far from the lake. The kids used their imagination's and went on a "treasure hunt" to find One Eye Willy's burried treasure, they went swimming, played in sand, had campfires, told stories, played games, etc etc.

This camping trip was special because not only was it our first as a family alone, it was Logan's first camping trip ever. He is only 1 but he had so much fun. He loved being in the water. It was hard to get him out of it. He also loved rolling around in the sand. It was hilarious. 

All in all it was a good trip. We had some quiet time with the kids, away from everything else. We did come home Saturday for a few hours to have a birthday party for the two oldest. But we went right back to camp that night and enjoyed our time together. 

If you are ever looking for a place to camp in Upstate NY, check out Verona Park State Beach as one of your options. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

"We Can Make A Difference"

My daughter is in a special education summer school program. Yesterday they had their end of the summer school concert. She overcame her fears and sang with two other girls in front of the whole summer school and their parents. She did great! She loves to sing.

She is the tall one in the middle!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Birthday!!!

So my birthday was yesterday, (it just ended a half hour ago) and I had a great day. I love spending time with my family! It was great because my oldest son came home from his dad's early to spend the day with me. My cousin DeVan came to visit, which isn't often anymore because his mom doesn't really allow him over. My 3 kids were all here and being really good for once. I got my nails done with my mom and sister. We had dinner and cake at my mom's for my brother's and my birthday. (He is 10 years younger, born on the 11th and me on the 12th). & my hubby treated me like a princess (which is pretty normal anyways. LoL)
So I just wanted to say it was an all around great day. I wanted to thank everyone who made it so great, and all my friends and family for wishing me a happy birthday!

My nails:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Purex Promotions

Head on over to and enter some of their promotions. They have a pin it to win it contest, a "Lost and Found" game, and more. The lost and found game is pretty easy. All you have to do is search for the missing tiles, unscramble them, and enter for a chance to win $50! There will be 10 winners. So go try your luck and have fun. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

NYS Fair Chevy Court Line-up 2012

Chevy Court has FREE concerts every year at our NYS Fair. Here is this years line-up

8/23Karmin2 p.m. 
 Neon Trees8 p.m. 
8/24Sawyer Brown2 p.m. 
 Matt Nathanson8 p.m. 
8/25Bridgit Mendler2 p.m. 
 J. Geils Band8 p.m. 
8/26Ronnie Milsap2 p.m. 
 Gary Allan8 p.m. 
8/27Buddy Rich Big Band2 p.m. 
 Three Dog Night8 p.m. 
8/28The Midtown Men2 p.m. 
 Collective Soul8 p.m. 
8/29Guy Fieri2 p.m. 
 Victoria Justice8 p.m. 
8/30Mike Posner2 p.m. 
 The Happy Together Tour8 p.m. 
8/31Christopher Cross2 p.m. 
 The Commodores8 p.m. 
9/1Eddie Money2 p.m. 
 Theory of a Deadman8 p.m. 
9/2Jermaine Paul2 p.m. 
 The Band Perry8 p.m. 
9/3Candy Coburn2 p.m. 
 The Charlie Daniels Band8 p.m.

The maid...

Lately around my house I feel like the maid. I clean and clean and get no appreciation for what I do. I will clean up one room, and think "yay one down, the rest of the house to go," and then try and start on another room, turn around and see someone has messed up what I started and I am back at square one. My kids are 1, 7, and 12. I would think the 12 yr old would be of a bigger help then anyone, but sometimes she seems to not do anything at all but make a mess and think I am going to come along and clean up after her. She seems to not care that it was cleaned before and then she makes a mess and leaves it. My one year old is always making huge messes, but he's my baby. I can't stop that. It's in baby's nature just to do it. My 7 year old does pretty good with helping me clean up, but I heard from his dad he throws a fit when it's time to clean up there. I just wish they would all help out once in awhile. I try and think of ways to make cleaning fun (even though I know there's not much fun in it for kids) but nothing seems to work. Also it seems like when my fiance trys to help me clean, he only helps for 2 seconds, and then I'm like you got this?, He says yea, so I go to take a break and then so does he. What gives????

Monday, August 6, 2012

Children and disobeying

This post is about my daughter (well step-daughter, but I see her as my daughter). She is 12 years old, very social, a great girl, but she has a problem. I don't know if maybe it's because she is just trying to rebel because she's a pre teen or because her mom left her a long time ago and she hasn't seen her for many years and she feels abandoned and unwanted and unloved, or it could be anything. She has adhd and she always seems to be in her own world. When you tell her something she barely pays attention or she just doesn't seem to want to follow the rules. She acts out in school, so she had to be put in a smaller classroom and special ed. She likes to take things without asking and then make up excuses, lies, or just plays like she has no idea what we are talking about. Last week she took a 50$, brand new necklace to school without asking. All she has to do is ask to borrow something and she's knows I would let her. But she decided to go behind my back, and go in my room and steal it. Now someone stole it out of her desk apprently. We don't know what to believe because she is always making up lies. We tried scaring her and telling her that the police were called and will be at the school tomorrow and her and whoever stole it from her will be in a lot of trouble. She just doesn't seem to care. I just don't know what to do anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions. I try and try, but nothing works. I just don't want to see her end up in jail if this continues. I just would like for her to be ok.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Burlington Coat Factory

Does anyone shop at Burlington? I absolutely love it. I think its a great place to shop, especially if you're on a budget. It has great prices for great value. I spent 180.00 today, but SAVED over 500$!!! I bought the kids some new school clothes, bought myself some shirts, my 1 year old new NUBY binkys (because that's the only kind he'll use), some onesies, my fiance new sneakers, and a few other things. It was well worth the trip especially since alot of the things I bought were on clearance for 6.98 or less!!! Oh I even bought my sister in law tons of things for her baby shower tomorrow! I am so excited to give it all to her. So if you have a Burlington near you, go check it out and see if they have any of the sales going on like they do here!