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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stay Cool

I don't know how the weather is like where everyone else lives, but for me in upstate NY it's 92* with 78% humidity. So right now it's way to hot for me to even think about bringing the kids outside. We are all watching movies right now in our living room with the fans going. If fans are not enough then use your AC, but remember they cost more to run. We do have an energy efficient AC but when you have all these bills and 3 kids, well running the fans are good enough. Especially when it's cool enough with them all going in the one room. Make sure to stay hydrated also. Plenty of water will do the trick. Try to stay away from sugary drinks, like kool-aid and soda. Well everyone have a great day. And if you do go outside, wear a lot of sunscreen and bring some ice cold water with you. :)

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